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"Official home of the Lanchester Legacy trilogy"
This website will hopefully help to raise awareness throughout the world.  It will show Lanchester versatility ranging from the first, all-British motor boat, to the first, all-British, 4-wheel motor car, to the fundamentals of flightto warfare and strategic planning, to music, to colour photography, to petrol~electric hybrid cars, to architecture, the first ever use of the words 'streamlined'  and so much more.  Amongst the hundreds of Lanchester  inventions and designs for cars are:  disc brakes, rack & pinion steering, turbo charging, power steering, 4-wheel drive and even the humble accelerator pedal.  There is so much more to astonish the reader.  However, this site is still evolving so it may take time to do the Lanchester brothers justice!

Special Offer 
 Whether or not you are lucky enough to own a Lanchester motor car, or whether you  have been inspired elsewhere by the Lanchester brothers' amazing work,  the Lanchester Legacy volumes provide a fascinating insight into the hundreds of varied designs and profound inventions, across a whole range of different subjects. If you should buy a copy of the Lanchester Legacy  via  www.Lanchesters.com a personalised dedication could be written especially for you, to make a truly unique present.        Just click on the Lanchester Trilogy page for more info.  I look forward to hearing from you.                        
    Chris Clark. HonMA
    Lanchester Historian.
                  Official Registrar & Historian of the Lanchester Register since 1976 
                             and the Daimler & Lanchester Owners' Club since 1977.
This website is dedicated to increasing awareness of the amazing brothers, 
Dr. Frederick, George and Frank Lanchester
Born in England in the late 1800s, they are not as well known in the U.K. as they deserve to be.  Indeed, Fred was one of the world's geniuses, Britain's Leonardo da Vinci, and is so highly regarded in Japan that over 3 million books have been sold, containing information derived from Lanchester research. 
Lanchester Innovations
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